Meet the Team

We believe the greatest founders of all-time who move mountains and push civilization forward come from non-traditional backgrounds. We believe in buliding a diverse team and investing in diverse founders.

Aneel Ranadive

Managing Director

Mir Faiyaz

Soma Investor

Willem van den Bosch

Soma Investor

Dhruv Bavaria

Chief Financial Officer

Juliet Fern

Soma Investor

Chris Fortunato

Soma Investor

Nikhita Jaaswal

Soma Investor

Julian Fainzaig

Soma Investor

Francis Wilson

Soma Investor

Fouad Farhat

Soma Investor

Warrick Shanly

Soma Investor

Douglas Carney

Soma Investor

Marwa Albaadani

Soma Investor

Advisors and Investors

Our advisors and investors who are actively helping portfolio companies with things like strategy, customer acquisition, hiring and fundraising.

Raj Verma

Memsql CEO

Justin Mateen

Tinder Founder

Wayne Chang

Digits Cofounder

Trip Adler

Scribd Founder

Jason Boehmig

Ironclad Founder

Anna Wang

Searchlight Cofounder

Kerry Wang

Searchlight Cofounder

John Gedmark

Astranis Founder

Carlo Cabanilla

Datadog Cofounder

Betsie Larkin

Honeylove Founder

Jack Altman

Lattice Founder

Karim Atiyeh

Ramp Founder

Shuo Wang

Deel Cofounder

Alex Bouaziz

Deel Cofounder

Austin Allred

Lambda Founder

Brian Vallelunga

Doppler Founder

Ken Goldman

Eric Schmidt Advisor

Ram Shriram

Google Board Member

Shara Ticku

C16 Founder

Abhi Ramesh

Misfits Market Founder

Mattieu Gamache-Asselin

Alto Founder