Lattice is software to track team goals.

Founders Jack Altman and Eric Koslow were working on software to track team goals a year ago when the cofounders of startup Lattice realized they were missing out. Corporate America had fallen out of love with performance reviews, but it didn't like the alternatives, either.

With that insight, they launched lattice Lattice which offers a new type of performance review framed around two or three larger reviews and weekly check-ins. Lattice has over 225 customers now including Birchbox, Cruise, Glossier and New York Public Radio. Half of the employees signed up on Lattice check the app for their performance progress each month.

"When you have a blend of reviews and reminders for everyone to do good management, it ends up being high usage," Altman says.

Lattice is looking to build on its momentum with new funding: $6.4 million raised from Thrive Capital and other investors including Khosla Ventures and SV Angel. Soma Capital invested prior in the seed round. The new funds go to hiring and investing in the product, which Altman says needs to take a consumer app style approach to user experience and customization to stay popular in offices. By focusing on companies between 30 people and 500 in size, Lattice has also played nice with other startups selling into a human resources budget. Lattice integrates with companies like Bamboo HR and Zenefits, while specialists have typically focused on bigger-sized customers so far, Altman says.

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