Camelot is the most intuitive platform where everyone, even first-time, can join the world of sports betting. Esports has been legalized, resulting in a multi billion dollar market opportunity for Camelot. There are 335m esports viewers globally with 16% YoY growth. $7bn bet on eSports globally, outside the US growing 40% YoY

Tap into rich stats and live updates on teams, players, and matches. Create betting pools with friends and place wagers on your favorite pros.

Clean and intuitive - quickly get started on mobile, even as a first-timer, and easily understand how much you stand to win

More winnings - place wagers on team and player outcomes, against public odds computed algorithmically from historic patterns

Play with friends - host private pools with your friends, automatically divide up winnings with no hassle, and climb the leaderboard

The Camelot infrastructure is fast and robust, so you can inform your decisions with realtime analytics on your players and teams