Kishan Dahya
Soma Investor

A Bay Area native, Kishan was born and raised in San Mateo. After completing high school, he attended UCLA to study Cognitive Science and Entrepreneurship, while programming on the side. Obsessed with learning about how others think and the startup world, Kishan developed the communication and coding skills necessary to build products as a software engineer.


Kishan has also worked in a variety of different roles throughout his career -- customer service, marketing, academic research, product, QA, and software engineering. Those varied experiences have given him a unique skill set that allows him to communicate with anybody and effectively judge products and teams across industries.


In college, Kishan used his grit to earn a software engineering internship at a VC-funded San Francisco startup named Bento for Business. His success in that internship led to another opportunity at Goldman Sachs where he worked on calculating market risk as a part of the financial engineering organization. His work building reports with Stress and VaR metrics allowed market risk analysts to better assess the firm’s positions.


After college, Kishan joined a rapidly scaling AgTech startup called Granular where he worked on one of the most popular applications in agriculture (AcreValue) and also built intuitive solutions to deliver actionable insights to farmers (Granular Analysis). As a true Full-Stack engineer, Kishan was able to drive product development from the backend through the frontend and consistently deliver features in a timely manner. The product sense and software-building skills he gained through his time working allow him to quickly assess new opportunities and teams for technical excellence.