Betsie Larkin
Honeylove Founder

Betsie Larkin is the Founder and Co-CEO womens’ fashion brand, Honeylove. Betsie launched Honeylove on Kickstarter where it was one of the top 1% earning projects. Soon thereafter she got into Y Combinator and launched the Honeylove website, which saw immediate traction and helped her raise a seed round and a Series A within a year. Today, Honeylove is a fast-growing and profitable company with an ever-expanding line of garments.

Prior to starting Honeylove, Betsie built a career as a well known artist and vocalist in the EDM space. During this time she released several albums, toured the world numerous times and released vocal tracks with some of the top EDM artists (Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Gabriel & Dresden, etc). She took a personal need for stage-worthy shapewear, and turned it into a solution that’s now serving women everywhere.