Soma Capital Analyst / Associate


1. Portfolio management
– First goal is getting a handle on 80+ portfolio co’s
– Building out internal database of updates on all portfolio companies for ourselves and LP’s (limited partners / our investors). Gather notes and decks and create internal descriptions and updates on growth
– Start liaising with portfolio co’s to get any missing information, and updates on latest performance and future fundraising plans
– Build and maintain fund models for the portfolio (non-GAAP and GAAP markups)
– Manage the external website making sure all company info on the newly launched is up to date – descriptions on portfolio co’s on the site, fundraising info, press links where portfolio co’s are in the news
– Start building relationships w/ LP’s and figure out which of our investors can add what value to which companies and facilitate intros
– Learn what the portfolio companies are building inside and out and work with Soma and Bow Capital to find ways to add value to portfolio companies
– Mtg portfolio co’s on a consistent basis – coffees, organizing dinners and events
– Figure out how to build software for existing portfolio co’s to connect and help each other
– Figure out software for our investors to help portfolio co’s
– Figure out software for prospective investors to request intros to portfolio co’s
2. Diligence
– A key strategy for Soma is picking the best companies from each  (YC) class. Classes occur end of march and end of august
– Help diligence deals mtg YC co’s with Soma and Bow teams. Attend all calls and mtgs to learn
– Eventually the goal would be to start conducting diligence solo and writing reports for the team to follow up with additional mtgs and/or making investments
3. Sourcing
– Figuring out which co’s to meet. Working w/ Soma and Bow team to network in silicon valley among top founders, angel investors and partners of other top tier VC firms
– Attending major events and throwing dinners and events for Soma to network w/ founders
– Catching up w/ existing top portfolio co’s on a consistent basis to find new talented founders
– Networking with y combinator partners, newly accepted founders and alumns
4. LP relationships
–  Start managing relationships with investors – send monthly updates, quarterly reports, conduct calls, coffees with investors to give detailed updates on portfolio
– Figure out how we can build software for VC to allow LP’s to connect w/ portfolio co’s and add value based on their industry expertise and connections
– Help figure out which LP’s are happy and want to re-up or invest in next fund and which may have issues
– Figure out new prospective intros we may be able to get for next fund through existing LP’s
5. LP prospecting
– Join fundraising calls and meetings
– Help build pitch deck and be a part of existing and future fundraising processes

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