"Zeo Auto is leveraging data to empower India’s transport engine. India’s commercial vehicles industry is a fragmented market with low operational visibility, high maintenance cost, and manual operations. Zeo Auto’s product is a GPS tracker with an open API driven platform and business oriented community. Specifically, the GPS tracks locations with 200+ parameters measured (such as speed, mileage, intake and coolant temperature, fuel mileage, and wheel pressure). The platform allows users to manage full fleets with 1 log in and leverage the open API to connect externally. The community allows all members to do load posting and management, book loads, profile and assign drivers, and pursue insurance and credit leads. Zeo Auto is going after the $34 billion logistics mobility market growing at 15% yoy. They monetize through a subscription model, charging for their vehicle diagnostics services, insurance, maintenance, and data. The finance module, load posting platform, loan marketplace, and driver marketplace components follow a freemium model. Zeo Auto has 2K paying customers with 500K in revenue from 2019. 63% of users track vehicles daily.
Founder: Nimit Mehra

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