WorkClout is building the future of manufacturing. Workclout has created a manufacturing management software designed to help manufacturers increase their operational efficiency and fulfill more orders by tracking every action on the factory floor and using this data to make suggestions on how to increase efficiency. WorkClout provides MRP and MES software to help manufacturers measure, analyze, and manage their production activities more precisely. Features include estimation, order management, job scheduling, shipment and distribution handling, and business analytics, enabling businesses to increase their output by 20% month-over-month.


There are over 254,000 manufacturers in the US and around 56% manage their processes on paper and excel because existing solutions take up to two years to implement and can cost manufacturers over $250k. WorkClout reduces the implementation time and cost by over 90%.


WorkClout is a Y Combinator company and is backed by the world’s top venture capital and angel investors. The founders have extensive experience in software and manufacturing.

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