Well Principled

Well Principled is an AI powered management consultant for CPG and retail firms. The software optimizes marketing and supply chain processes for these firms through learning a predictive model of the buying behavior of every customer. Well Principled provides powerful, comprehensive integrations of disparate data from platforms including SAP, Salesforce, and Excel. The solution is tailored to each unique business and leverages best practices in modern AI literature. At present, with traditional solutions, 70% of data lake spending is wasted; 92% of analytics pilots fail to convert; and 59% of digital projects supercede the budgeted time and cost. Well Principled circumvents these existing challenges through optimizing cross-selling, acquisition spend, portfolio SKUs, prices, retention, and routing. The business model combines software with service delivery to align customer incentives, providing the outcomes of a consulting company at the speed of a software company.

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