Volta Labs

"Volta Labs is a life sciences company founded by an MIT biotech scientist seeking to blur the boundary between the natural and synthetic computation. Volta’s vision is to make biological automation as reliable, agile and scalable as digital electronics. Biology is staggeringly complex. To understand this complexity they are generating data from biological experiments at unprecedented scales. At the current rate of data generation the demand for optical, magnetic and silicon based storage will far exceed the supply by the year 2040[3][4]. This magnitude of data generation is made possible by massively parallelized sample manipulation methods for reading genetic code (next-generation sequencing[1][2]), making synthetic genes (next-generation DNA synthesis[5]) and high-throughput cell manipulation (10X genomics[6]). Volta Labs was one of the most competitive deals in the class to get in with Maverick Ventures leading the round. Soma took a $300k allocation.

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