TradeID is an innovative stock trading app for the Indonesian market that is changing the way retail investors access public equity markets. TradeID allows users to trade US stocks on a fractional basis for a fee, and trade Indonesian stocks free-of-charge. This is a large opportunity as public equity markets in Indonesia are currently experiencing hyper growth, with the number of consumer direct investment accounts growing at 51% CAGR, while market penetration is one of the lowest globally at only 1.5%. In addition to making it substantially easier to access the Indonesian stock market, TradeID also allows Indonesian retail investors to access the US public equity markets through fractional stock ownership, whereby several different retail investors can invest in a single share of US company stock, increasing its accessibility. Together, the company is tackling a $20B market opportunity.


TradeID was founded by a group of local entrepreneurs with significant FinTech and startup experience in Southeast Asia.

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