Tenderd's fleet of machines serve the UAE construction market. Their fleet is distributed across the seven emirates. Tenderd manages a network of contractors who manage the highest quality machines. The Machines and their Operators are inspected and verified by the Tenderd team. Tenderd has 1500 machines, 100 contractors, 200 rentals, and over 30 years of experience.


Growth: Launched in May and we're doubling every month
Revenue: Last 30 days did $1.03 mm in rentals and our profit was $157k
Trend: MEA is the world’s fastest growing market for Construction and contractors are more likely to spend on machines from their OPEX than their CAPEX.
Market Size: Current Machine rental marketplace is $63 B. Our take will be $9.4 B
Team: Arjun Mohan (Managing Director), Yonas Tecle (Procurement Director) Arshad Iqbal (Logistics Director) Ashiq Muhammed (Sr. Software Engineer)

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