Social Rank

"Tool for identifying social influencers.

SocialRank is an online service that enables users to identify, organize, and manage their followers on Twitter and Instagram. SocialRank's product empowers their users to segment and filter their followers based on location, interests, bio keywords, hashtags, influence, engagement, and more. Fortune 500 brands have used SocialRank to mobilize marketing campaigns ranging from local events and prize giveaways to targeted advertising and competitive analysis.

Right now, SocialRank provides top 10 lists for three types of followers on Twitter. The most valuable refers to, essentially, the biggest account following someone (Taub has described the calculation for most valuable follower as “scarcity plus usefulness plus importance”), while the most engaged is the person who actually interacts with your account and responds to your posts, and the best is a combination of the two, i.e., big name followers who actually talk to you.

Over 5,000 brands have used SocialRank since its launch."

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