Seawise Capital

Seawise Capital is a UK-based trade finance company for exporters in emerging markets. With payment cycles increasing globally, a growing number of SMEs face cashflow issues and require trade finance; however, for exporting SMEs in emerging markets, obtaining trade finance continues to be difficult. 74% of their finance requests are rejected by banks, while at least 36% of these rejected requests are believed to be fundable. Banks also require these SME to pledge collateral, and only offer recourse-based financing. It can take months to get a facility in place, and there are often hidden charges and costs.


Seawise Capital simplifies the process of securing financing for SME exporters by providing an intuitive and efficient digital platform to support small businesses and assist them in competing in the international market. With low-cost, collateral-free financing facilities, Seawise offers exporters real trade finance solutions in a matter of days. Seawise’s proprietary technology engine allows it to track and analyze over 1,000 data points for every exporter / importer, leading to robust and quick underwriting. Seawise’s customer portal not only provides clients with real-time information regarding their export operations, but also offers a quick and transparent communications platform. Seawise Capital is on a mission to make trade finance accessible to exporters globally, and bring it into the digital age.

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