On demand scooter transportation.

Scotty is a mobile app in Turkey that allows ordinary motorcyclists to take passengers wherever they want to go at an affordable price. Scotty is a marketplace, bringing together Istanbulites and motorcyclists who want to get from one place to another as quickly as possible on a motorcycle. With the Scotty app, customers can go from Beşiktaş to Bebek for only TL 10 - which is almost one-third the average taxi fare; plus, they get to avoid the notorious traffic jams of Istanbul.

Since Scotty’s launch in rider transportation, Scotty has also expanded its products to food delivery and courier services. The company currently has 12k drivers, who make 2.5x higher than minimum wage while enjoying flexible work hours. Scotty’s addressable market in Turkey is very large, at around $10B for combined rider transportation, courier, and food delivery services. Scotty has shown strong growth, with GMV growing at nearly 25% MoM and unit economics also showing significant improvement month-over-month. The company aims to become the super app of Turkey, offering a variety of services beyond transportation.

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