Rain Neuromorphics

Rain Neuromorphics is building a Memristive Nanofiber Neural Network (MN3) technology. This is a neural network on a chip. It enables low-power, low-cost, and localized Artificial Intelligence processing at the device scale by moving learning tasks from GPU and CPU stacks in data centers to a scale that can fit into a smartphone. They utilize biomimicry of the human brain to replicate the same pattern of connectivity as biological neurons and achieve a massive increase in efficiency over both conventional processors and competing neuromorphic hardware. The MN3 can perform deep learning on-chip and can be utilized as a liquid state machine for a broad range of AI applications. Computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, Internet of Things devices, wearable tech, and autonomous vehicles are domains that can utilize our AI processor. Fundamentally, we seek to make AI cheap and massively accessible by replicating the profound computational efficiency observed in the human brain.

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