Quo Finance

Quo was founded by two recent Stanford Computer Science graduates with experience working at N26 and Facebook. One of the founders, Tucker, grew up in a low-income household where he saw firsthand the impact adverse credit can have.


Quo relies on using AI to sort through a user’s financial transactions to understand their spending habits. Once a user’s economic history is compiled and interpreted, the startup sends a debit card to the user for financial use. The debit card allows access to two types of loans via a monthly subscription: $5.99/month for $400 at 5% APR or $9.99/month for $700 at 2% APR. Those interest rates are dramatically lower compared to credit cards and payday loans. The startup providing these loans from a small-monthly fee with borrower-friendly APRs reflects their mission of not wanting their users to be in debt. Unlike the conventional credit business models, profit is not made by keeping users spending and perpetually in debt to pay interest, but by getting them out of debt to build savings.

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