Prenda School

Prenda School is a network of micro schools across the country that operate autonomously, bringing personalized, empowering, education to kids to make learning fun. The newly designed micro school takes small groups of 8-10 kids meetings daily, using online tools, and group projects to learn from and adult they trust. It is a personalized flexible program with each class having their own schedule, emphasis, individual coaching and mentorship for each student.


In 2013, Prenda founder Kelly Smith started volunteering at the public library, teaching kids computer programming. Watching the kids come to code club each week and work hard to build cool projects, he realized that learning can be engaging and fun, and the model worked best with a small “micro school" model. After a few short months Prenda has already opened 45 micro schools and has raised capital from leading venture capital firms including Y Combinator and Soma Capital.

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