Founded in 2019, Pawp has quickly positioned itself as the affordable alternative to pet insurance. With a 24/7 digital vet clinic and emergency protection plan, Pawp wants to make sure no pet parents ever have to choose between a vet bill and their pet’s life.

With Pawp’s 24/7 Vet Access, members can connect with licensed vets instantly. There’s no limit to the number of conversations. Users can text, call, or video chat with an expert for any pet question or concern, anytime and anywhere.

If a pet’s issue is serious, Pawp’s Emergency Fund provides a $3,000 a year safety net for emergency vet bills. No copay. No deductible. No paying it back.

Pawp protects up to six pets (cats and dogs) in a household at no extra cost. And unlike traditional pet insurance, it’s available at a fixed monthly premium — no matter a pet’s age, breed, or medical history

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