OMG Voice

OMG Voice creates digital editorial brands for African millennials. It has been hailed as the "Buzzfeed of Africa" for its millennial-targeted content.
Like BuzzFeed and other similar companies, OMG Digital monetizes through digital marketing. Currently 80 percent of its ad sales are from banner ads, but as in other markets, its advertisers are seeing a smaller return on investment and looking for alternatives that are more suited to mobile screens (about 90 percent of OMG Digital’s users access its content through mobile devices, in particular Android smartphones).
About 60 percent of OMG Digital users are between 18 to 24 years old and one of its value propositions is helping overseas companies figure out how to reach young African consumers in different markets (for example, in some countries Twitter is more popular than Facebook, so localized strategies need to take that into account). OMG Digital has already partnered with Coca Cola, Huawei, KFC, Philips, Pringles, and several of Africa’s largest telecoms, including MTN, on marketing campaigns and sponsored content.

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