Mighty Health

Mighty Health provides a digital health coach and a highly personalized, research-backed coaching program complete with detailed progress tracking to help those with heart disease become healthier, live with a higher quality of life, and have a lower risk of future cardiac complications.


Heart disease is the deadliest, costliest problem in healthcare. It is the cause of a third of deaths (more than all cancers combined), one sixth of insurance company spend, and 50% of rehospitalization rates with immense (4.5x) cost implications. Further tailwinds (with a projected 30% increase in the senior population over the next 10 years) will increase heart disease direct costs to $749B over the next 15 years.


Mighty Health takes patients through the full cardiovascular care cycle from welcome kits and baseline tests to constant accountability and support, tele-consultation and personalized treatment plans, and continuous at home monitoring.

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