Loop Health

Loop Health is building India’s first health insurance with unlimited primary care, the asset light Kaiser Permanente of India. Primary care in India is broken - the current system is low quality, inconvenient, and has unorganized referrals. Moreover, employers are dissatisfied with current health benefits because they provide limited coverage, have low engagement, and have high cost. Loop Health solves the fundamental challenge of the Indian healthcare system through underwriting the risk on the entire population to whom they deliver primary care; in this way, they are financially incentivized to use data and technology to keep them healthy. Loop Health’s product is a primary care focused payer provider with a 24x7 care team accessible via app, unlimited visits at Loop Health Clinics, and third party hospital coverage. The platform uses data to select and monitor preferred provider networks to enable smarter referrals and leverages their data to give patients choice, price transparency, reviews, and curation. 40% of members engage with the Care Team or book a clinic visit within the first 14 days.

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