Intersect Labs

Intersect Labs enables anyone to do machine learning in 3 clicks. For example, Medumo, a patient engagement platform and a division of Philips Healthcare uses Intersect Labs to predict which patients will show up to their appointments. Intersect Labs’ platform builds custom models and integrates the predictions from these models directly into a user's workflow (e.g. Salesforce).


Intersect Labs’ product is sticky in that once a team starts using it, they tend to bring in other teams as well that need predictions but do not have the necessary machine learning talent at their disposal. This land-and-expand strategy will allow the company to start booking higher revenue from existing customers. Longer term, Intersect Labs believes it will be the decision layer that every company uses to power predictions using tabular data, as well as images, audio, video and free text (NLP is a beta feature right now). This is $10B+ market that the company is targeting.


Intersect Lab’s founders are highly experienced in the field. CEO Ankit Gordhandas graduated from MIT and has been working on ML, data science, and signal processing for nearly a decade. Co-founder Aaron Fried is a programmer and comes from growth at Thinkful, where he helped to start a data science bootcamp.

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