Hype and Vice

Hype & Vice is a student driven brand that provides cute, trendy, and fashionable college outfits and apparel for university tailgates and game days. Their mission is to embody the spirit, passion and lifestyle of the college experience through their unique student-driven apparel brand while fostering community and fandom. The founders, Kimberly and Cecilia, early on saw that students were not comfortable with the fashion and clothing most schools / universities offered and decided to capitalize on the university market.

Hype & Vice fills the gap between traditional bookstore styles and self-made snipped tees, offering trendy and quality styles. Currently licensed by 16 Universities and expanding rapidly. A name that embodies and fosters the best years of a students life: their college years. It is a student-powered brand that listens to its audience and always puts them first. Hype and Vice is backed by Y combinator and Soma Capital.

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