Gem creates real, sustainable products designed holistically to help humankind nourish differently. Their entry point is an important daily habit, the vitamin. The company is going after the $161 billion dietary supplement market. The average supplement is not built for modern wellness with inadequate absorption, toxic fillers, and misleading label claims. Gem is creating the first real food multivitamin. It is soy free, corn free, vegan, gluten free with 100+ phytonutrients and with high bioavailability from real food. It gives people energy, balance, clarity, and beauty. 90% of customers said they feel less moody, and 96% say they have clearer skin and stronger hair and nails. In the future, Gem is introducing travel bites for immunity, gut health, sleep health, and anti-inflammation. Gem has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, and Byrdie. Sara Cullen, founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur.

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