Frey is building a new kind of detergent for the new way they live their lives (read on a monthly subscription basis). The company is an antidote to the tired myth that only women are doing laundry with products that incorporate natural ingredients, heady fragrances and plant-derived surfactants, enzymes and oils for stain fighting. Frey has a subscription model and 20 percent month-over-month growth in the last 12 months and product margins post 60 percent post-shipping.


Frey is on a $2m revenue run rate since launch. They are tacking a massive U.S. TAM of $15bn. There are 100m+ 20-40 year olds (more than 83m millenials), 55m men doing laundry (up 30% from 2013). Frey has 65% customer retention and projects to be on a $12m revenue run rate by end of the year

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