FamPay is India’s first payments app for teenagers. FamPay is a design-focused company aiming to drive 250M+ teenagers on a journey from cash to digital. FamPay is a family-friendly payment app that’s safe for children to use. Unlike most other popular money transfer apps, FamPay can be used by those under 18 years of age, so that parents can send money to their children in a new, fast, and seamless way. The FamPay apps enables key money transfer functions such as online and in-store payments through its mobile app, debit card and UPI. Users can split bills and send money as they would send a message or a photo. The company believes that financial education from an early age is crucial to guaranteeing a healthy financial life in adulthood.


FamPay has already generated significant traction and is currently trending as the #5 app on the Play Store. The company is founded by a team of IIT graduates experienced in mobile app development.

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