Eden Farm

Eden Farm is the Sysco of Indonesia. It supplies fruits and vegetables to B2B customers across the country while helping local farmers along the way. Eden Farms cuts out a complicated web of middlemen between farmers and restaurants, thereby allowing farmers to keep a greater portion of their earnings, while improving the consistency of quality and quantity of ingredients for restaurants. Eden Farm accomplishes this by giving farmers proprietary demand forecasts for their crops and allowing them to sell directly to restaurants via a B2B marketplace model.


Eden Farm started as a farm, but while talking to other farmers and researching the agricultural market, its founders realized there were many problems with food distribution in Indonesia. Eden Farm tackles the problem of supply and demand with a mobile app that gives demand forecasts to farmers so they can plan their next harvests. Eden Farm is able to ensure price stability and also allow farmers to make more profit by purchasing produce wholesale from them. Eden Farm is backed by Y Combinator and Soma Capital.

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