Doorstead is a full-service property management brokerage (e.g. “Opendoor for Rentals”) that provides cash-flow certainty to residential property owners. Traditionally, property managers (NPS 8) overpromise on rent to sign owners, creating months of vacancy and lost income. By collecting precise data, during inspections and leveraging historical rental data, Doorstead is able to provide an AI-powered rental guarantee to owners. The model is focused on reducing unnecessary vacancies and passing those savings back to the owner. They increase rental earnings, require less oversight, and improve the experience while giving owners downside protection with a rental guarantee.


The founders (Ryan & Jenn) have known each other for over a decade. As founders, they have scaled companies to $6 million per year in revenue, manufactured and sold bluetooth devices, and built multiple apps that were featured by Apple and Google. Jenn spent the last few years managing rental properties throughout the Bay Area, and Ryan’s last company was acqui-hired by Uber where he led a product team on growth and applied machine learning.

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