Curative is building an alternate supply source of many of the major sample collection and extraction kit components that use flocked cotton swabs and scalable RNA extraction methods which do not rely on supply-constrained magnetic silica beads. Their test can be self-administered at home, and results can be turned around within 24–48 hours. This self-administered testing further mitigates exposure and spread. Curative’s goal is to assemble an orthogonal supply chain to supply coronavirus test kits. Doing so helps them avoid buying materials that would constrain public health and CDC laboratories from ramping up production. They are also working to partner with other operations looking to spin up testing facilities to help source necessary reagents. Curative is currently doing over 75K test kits each day at $150 per a test. They raised their seed round led by Data Collective and angels like Justin Mateen (Co-Founder of Tinder) and Eren Bali (the founder of Udemy and Carbon Health).

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