Coda is creating a new doc for teams. It begins with a blinking cursor and grows as big as a team’s ambition according to their vision. Coda docs can accomplish any tasks ranging from weekly meeting organization to product launches.

For years, teams have been split across documents, spreadsheets, and apps. Coda brings these disparate components together: through Coda, all words and data are brought together into one flexible surface. With Coda, everyone can customize their views while still working off the same data in real time.

Coda’s customers include companies like Spotify, Intercom, Square, and Uber, and all teams have raved about the impact of Coda.

Coda simplifies common team interactions into easy filters and conditional formats without formulas required. Coda has turned team favorite building block compositions into drag and drop templates directly inside each doc. Users can pull data from one doc into another to retain a single source of truth. Coda offers an excellent and truly superior user experience with readable interfaces and section headers to frame information. Coda is incredibly integrated with all of your apps, Jira, Slack, internal data, and more.

Soma invested in the seed stage. Coda has raised their Series A led by Accomplice.

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