Cadence helps managers get updates from their teammates so they don't have to meet. The product cuts the number of meetings that teams have by 50% and gives back 5-7 hours of time per week per team member. They launched a private beta 3 weeks ago with 6 different teams. One team has been using our product to eliminate 2 of their recurring weekly meetings, which saves them over $1,000 per week in employee time. In the US alone, there are 11.8M technology workers. They will charge companies on average $10 per month to use the product, which represents a $1.4B opportunity per year. Eric (CTO) has more than 10 years of experience with startups. He was the co-founder of ListenOnRepeat, a social music service that had 30M site visits per month and 2.5M MAU. He also built another startup, Quest Visual, with three of his friends, which was acquired by Google in 2014. The core technology (Word Lens) they built now powers Google Translate's mobile app. Prior to startups, Eric built space exploration robots at NASA for 11 years, and is a graduate of UC Berkeley's and Stanford's Computer Science programs. Melissa (CEO) is a Mayfield Fellow and graduate of Stanford's Computer Science program who's worked on product and engineering teams at Dropbox, Microsoft, and Tesla.

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