Asteroid is building a better and lower cost, full-service property management service. The company has created a real estate management platform that leverages data to lower costs and provide a better experience to owners and tenants. The core product is a residential portfolio management platform that helps with compliance, reporting, leasing, and maintenance all in one place. The goal is to automate jobs that can be replaced and augment others by integrating itself with the operational process. The goal is to have one unified platform to manage all real estate assets.


Founders Jon Lonsdale and Jason Mirra are successful serial entrepreneurs who came together in 2019 to start Asteroid. Jon helped start Sway Ventures and did over $1 billion in transactions throughout his merchant banking career. Jason was the Co-Founder, CTO of Addepar and the Co-Founder, CTO of Dynasty which sold to Appfolio earlier this year

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