Akido Labs

Akido Labs partners with large healthcare organizations to help them harness and leverage the power of their data. The company operates as a third-party service that helps health IT app developers simplify the process within each hospital records system. Akido Labs co-founders Hugh Gordon, Jared Goodner and Prashant Samant previously started the University of Southern California’s D-Health Lab, USC Health System’s digital innovation arm. Gordon was in medical school at the time and noticed the inefficiencies in the current health system.

Research led the founders to conclude they should start with building an easier way for apps to hook into each hospital records system. Akido Labs provides the “technical plumbing” for health IT apps. It does this by working with each individual hospital to build a standardized API layer around each system so the developers don’t have to.

“We get to know the hospital systems and can work with CIOs to get things up and running for the vendors,” Prashant said.

The startup has a current commitment from over 200 hospitals throughout the U.S., with several hundred more in the works.

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