Goldman Sachs honors REZI CEO for Entrepreneurship

Sean Mitchell is the CEO of REZI, a leading technology company he co-founded in 2017. REZI is the only fully remote and automated marketplace for long-term apartment rentals. It empowers landlords to lease their apartments up to 80% faster than the market average by allowing tenants to find, tour, and close on their next rental in as little as 5 minutes. Before co-founding REZI, Sean had a career in financial services including roles at Corbin Capital Partners and JP Morgan Chase’s Chief Investment Office. He graduated from Florida A&M University with a BS in Business Administration. He grew up in South Florida, before relocating to New York City, where he lives with his wife.

REZI knows that where you live determines how you live. That’s why it’s steadfastly committed to using innovative technologies to make the rental experience simple, fast, and fair for landlords and tenants alike.