The Alibaba of Africa: WaystoCap provides a platform for businesses to buy and sell goods

Growing up in Morocco, Niama El Bassunie observed the many highs and lows her parents experienced as they ran the business they started 45 years ago – an enterprise she was always expected to join. But even as her siblings were signing on, she was eyeing an opportunity to help small businesses in Africa use the internet to securely buy and sell goods online. She envisioned a pan-African digital marketplace as varied and vibrant as the kiosks, boutiques, and shops scattered throughout BeninBurkina FasoCôte d’Ivoire, Morocco, and Togo.

In 2016, she and her co-founders created WaystoCap, a unified platform for businesses to buy and sell goods starting in those five African countries, with a plan to expand into more nations over the upcoming years. The technology-driven platform now sells Kente fabric, diapers, argan oil, rice, and hundreds of other products fast and securely. Thousands of buyers and suppliers have signed up.

Moroccan Startup WaystoCap Is Enabling Africa’s Businesses To Trade Better

As a platform that addresses the business-to- business buying and selling of merchandise across Africa, Morocco-born WaystoCap is aiming to solve the fragmented situation in a market that is still in the process of going digital. Besides being an online marketplace for products, founder and CEO Niama El Bassunie asserts that WaystoCap is also an “ecosystem offering services such as insurance to suppliers, financing to buyers and logistics management to remove inefficiencies.”

African trading platform WaystoCap raises $3M right after graduating Y Combinator

Cross-border commerce platform WaystoCap has raised new funding to expand its reach in Africa, the startup confirmed to TechCrunch today.

A recent graduate from the Y Combinator accelerator program in the U.S., WaystoCap is an online destination for buyers and sellers of business-to-business goods in Africa. Founded in Casablanca, Morocco, it aims to digitize the centuries old cross-bordering trading industry that exists in the continent and make it easier for those outside of Africa to get into the region.