Spero Foods – A Closer Look at this FoodTech Company Disrupting the Dairy and Egg Industry

The dairy and egg industries are being disrupted by plant-based foodtech and the implications are huge. Phenomenal advances in food science are happening as consumers realise the benefits of plant-based both to themselves and to the environment. Food tech is stepping in, one such company is Spero Foods.

Eggs are consumed in more than 90% of North American households, however, 40% of American households are turning to plant-based, and the forecast is that this will continue to rise. Spero is one of the plantbased egg alternatives on the market, in addition to JUSTClara Foods and others.

Scramblit Superfood Vegan Egg by Spero Foods is made from Pepitas

Spero Foods‘ newest product is shaking up the food industry. Scramblit is a vegan “superfood” egg mix that can be used to make omelettes, quiches, or scrambled eggs. It is said to be the first product of its kind.

Scramblit is made using pepita, the edible seeds from squash or pumpkin. Its only other ingredients are water, turmeric, garlic powder, and black salt. On a per gram basis, the pepita contains three times the amount of protein, eight times the amount of iron, and seven times the amount of zinc than an egg from chickens. Additionally, it has 400 times more fiber, 20 times more antioxidants, and twice as many omega-3s than eggs. It is also more sustainable to produce.