The 12 startups with ideas that seek to change Latin America through technology

Platzi , the online learning platform, announced the 12 finalist startups of the seventh edition of its DemoDay and that they will compete on April 10 for

“The finalist startups are exceptional. In total, they have added $ 4.6 million in revenue in the last six months and have created more than 200 jobs. In addition, they combine the ability to have traction, make a product and manage as teams, ”Juliane Butty, director of Startups at Platzi, the online education platform, said in a statement.

Many 3D printing companies restrict customers to a limited selection of costly, proprietary materials. AON3D, however, has committed to the open materials standard since its founding; customers can print hundreds of different materials on open materials 3D printers.

In addition, AON3D has focused its materials engineering expertise on developing optimized process parameters for vendors that provide the highest quality materials on the market. These include notable brands such as Solvay, SABIC, Kimya, DSM, Infinite Material Solutions, and many others.