Universal Secrets Manager Innovator Unveils Doppler Share and New Enterprise Features as Customer Demand Soars

Today Doppler, the Universal Secrets Manager leader, launched Doppler Share and released enterprise-grade enhancements to its flagship platform. Now most organizations, regardless of size, can use Doppler to securely store secrets, increasing developer productivity while strengthening overall security. “In today’s environment speed equals competitive advantage,” stated Brian Vallelunga, founder and CEO of Doppler. “However speed can lead to compromised security when trying to meet aggressive timelines, especially if the security protocols create roadblocks.

Doppler Raises $2.3 Million From Sequoia And Kleiner Perkins To Create The First Universal Secrets Management Solution For Developers

A developer’s primary priority is to write code. The secondary tasks, like keeping track and managing access of secrets, or digital authentication credentials, go on the back burner. However, secrets management must be done well, or a developer team risks compromising their code at critical times. Yet, most secrets management software are built by DevOps and security-focused teams or are quickly hacked-together developer solutions that won’t be able to scale with greater use.

Brian Vallelunga has struggled first-hand with secrets management. He and his team have built Doppler to address the problem. Doppler is the first ‘Universal Secrets Manager’ built specifically for developer teams of all sizes. The San Francisco-based startup has raised $2.3M in a seed round from Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Abstract Ventures and Soma Capital, with participation from prominent tech investors and executives such as Aaron Levie, Peter Thiel, Nat Friedman, Dylan Field, Kevin Hartz, Greg Brockman, Jeremy Stoppelman and Ben Porterfield, and more.