Soma Capital is a seed stage venture capital firm. We invest in hungry brilliant teams working on huge ideas who are trying to push civilization forward and improve the human condition.

We invest in companies across consumer, enterprise, and healthcare. Since starting in 2015, we have invested seed in the likes of Cruise, Rappi, Astranis, Embarktrucks, Razorpay, Lambda School, Atrium and Ironclad. Soma invests at the seed stage, then our partner Bow Capital may invest at the Series A and beyond.

Soma Capital is led by Aneel Ranadive, who has over 10 years experience building consumer internet companies, and has since led Soma to over 80 investments with a total combined valuation of over $20 billion. Prior to Soma Capital, Aneel spent 10 years working on various startups and investment banking at Bank of America. He attended Columbia University and majored in Mathematics with a minor in Economics.

Soma Capital has formed a deep partnership with Bow Capital, which is led by Aneel’s father Vivek Ranadive.  Bow Capital is anchored by the University of California, and helps Soma Capital companies access this rich network of campuses, medical centers, and national labs. You can learn more about Bow Capital’s relationship with UC here and here.