Living Out Loud

At eight years old, a young Ronnie Madra moved to New York City having no idea he would experience a world far greater than his own. Born in the South American country of Guyana to West Indian parents, Bibi and Ronald, he recalls the pivotal moments of being a part of a large family because they fostered a part of his identity which he lives out every single day, that 1 Of A Kind hospitality.

Taskade is a gorgeous to-do list manager that makes collaboration easy

As someone who struggles with personal organization, I often find myself experimenting with new to-do apps and productivity tools, in order to cure my scatterbrained ways. The latest app I’ve tested is Taskade, from the company of the same name.

Taskade’s biggest strength is that it doesn’t do too much. It lets you effortlessly group your to-do lists into folders, allowing you to segment your business and personal duties.